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Driving for Freedom

July 8, 2009

Among the various rights that we enjoy as Americans, few could be considered more essential than the right to travel.  And like every essential right that you or I might take for granted, the Freedom to travel suffers from an intensifying assault by the Powers that Be, the globalist Elite powers who dominate the Wall Street / D.C. axis, and the corporate media complex that shapes our so-called public opinion.

Do Americans realize how their unalienable Rights are being traded away? As politicians promise security in exchange for freedom, while stuffing wads of corporate cash into their pockets?  Do your neighbors understand the threat posed by escalating security measures, by a Federal ID mandate with bio-metrics, and abuse of information technologies?  By environmental regulations, a carbon emissions tax and the global warming hoax?

This blog offers the average motorist and taxpayer some basic information on the emerging threats to liberty, and suggests a few possibilities for effective resistance.  


The crisis facing us Americans who treasure independence demands immediate attention and personal sacrifice, if we hope to preserve a working foundation from which to recover the republican institutions of law and self-government.   And most importantly, in my opinion, self-government requires a spiritual renewal that brings the favor of Heaven and sustains a widespread move of power and redeeming love in a desperate world. 

The TeaParty movement has emerged as a popular vehicle  to express outrage against Congress and an unconstitutional federal bailout of the banking system.   If the energy and momentum can be channeled into effective action at the state level, if bold leadership finds the necessary grassroots support, middle America will rise to the challenge and turn the tide against the tyranny that a moral decline always invites.  Currently, this What if Americans knew about another 

Comments and suggestions for action will bring  more,   Without decisive order and response  .   In conjunction with other Freedom-focused  may serve as and perhaps a long-term can serve each as a primary resource to rally and promote the need to protect the American “Right to Travel” and our Driving Freedoms— even more, this Blog can elevate grassroots action to a new level by promoting the National Motorists Association with a special alliance.  Look for an update describing a strategic resource and an innovative development program soon.   With continuing federal measures and mischief, and  corporate fascist efforts to regulate travel and invade our privacy looming over the states, Americans must respond in force now.  Biometric ID poses a major, immediate threat to our country.  So, if freedom mattters to you, visit to appreciate a true citizens’ advocacy group… and consider joining a force for good.

Preparing for Growth – Entrepreneurial Engagement

Effective grassroots action requires an arsenal of modern weapons and skills, for organizational growth and financing to deliver mortal blows against our adversaries.  I believe NMA is positioned for some vital battles, but must expand rapidly to win.  How can this be done?  What could offer an engaging pathway to growth?   Automotive technology and a free-market business opportunity can open up economic channels for education on key challenges that Americans are facing.   When we serve our neighbors by sharing real solutions from a breakthrough automotive technology, we can  lay the foundation for other issues that concern the driving public.  

Bitron Technology Builds Relationships, Preserves Engines

The current recession will soon bloom into full-blown depression.  Many people are looking for economic solutions. Like a general delights in a new weapon system, so will market-motivated and technology-oriented activists appreciate this engineering marvel of ingenuity.  For some, it may also become a financial weapon of devastating power.  The option to use a “laptop” business with Bitron to promote and protect such a vital freedom in a time like this offers a rare opportunity.  We have a proven, money-saving solution in a moment of  impending demand to cut costs.  A paradigm shift is happening now.  In the same way that digital recording replaced analog technology, so is Bitron’s next-generation metal treatment transforming  a critical aspect of the automotive and manufacturing industries.   Bitron saves fuel and reduces emissions dramatically.

For in-depth look, please visit,  or simply Google two (2) words [ Bitron test] , to see the amazing solution that Bitron N.A. (North America ) offers the driving public.  It’s a military-grade technology originally engineered to preserve aircraft engines during sub-zero aviation operations.  Anyone desiring to extend engine life, minimize repairs and enhance performance will find that Bitron’s performance far exceeds that of routine additives found on automotive store shelves. This is a genuine paradigm shift in both combustion and lubrication. 


Personal and Driving Freedom advances into a new dimension for We the People, as more friends and neighbors rediscover their unalienable rights and the means to defend them.  Our right to travel is not a privilege granted by the state, and yet the price of liberty– Eternal Vigilance- remains to be paid.   Faithful actions promise to roll back the globalist agenda of corporate profiteers and institutional elitists.  Those who would oppress the common hopes of the resurgent freedom movement and various local and state-based alliances and networks will be disappointed, as long as our ranks expand and move in unity to seize the opportunity at hand. May you find renewed confidence in the blessings of Divine Provision and true knowledge of the One who gives so freely.

Let the winds of Life & Liberty sweep across the fruited plains!

Semper Fidelis — rjb

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