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Can Glen Beck Escape Corporate Media?

March 13, 2010

Dear Glenn-
Could you help me understand what was the real reason for your smear attempt on Debra Medina, the conservative challenger to globalist Governor Perry, especially from such a prejudicial viewpoint? Are the Texan patriots and grassroot rebels such a huge threat to the elite masters of the corporate-media complex?
I thought you could be trusted to demand accountability from the Washington establishment, Mr. Beck.
It must feel really weird to pursue contradictory positions on Constitutional rights, justice for We the People, and demanding federal accountability to the rule of law from the corrupt bureaucratic Leviathan, and then turn around and dismiss any challenge to that vast web of international pork-meisters & bureaucrats for oversights or possible 9/11 moles in various agencies entrusted with our protection.
You know that federal agencies and policies were influenced by the Reds from the 20s through the 60s, right?  For some 50 years, right? And we know that FDR’s administration virtually opened the back door for a Jap attack on Pearl Harbor to get us into that war, right?   (Some of our finest generals and historians have exposed that piece of history and much more.)  
SO, in the aftermath of the worst domestic attack in over 100 years, how can you attack conservative Americans for keeping an opened mind on the inside work of an enemy? You are pressing for a very rigid orthodoxy, Mr Beck. Why?  If a conservative disagrees with your orthodoxy, he gets lambasted by you for asking a few tough-minded questions.  How come you are turning to Jello on an issue that calls for integrity of the highest order?
Did you get some friendly “guidance” from your paymasters at Clear Channel Radio and Fox News ? Here’s a plausible reason that you might have been so dogged and determined to press Debra Medina for some kind of 9/11 confession:
“Clear Channel CEO and Chairman Lowry Mays has donated almost $300,000 to Governor Perry over the last 10 years. Beck is paid $10 million by a Clear Channel subsidiary for his radio show .”  ( )  Clear enough?  The truth is getting out.  You must have some kind of career stake in theTexas primary tomorrow.  Since Governor Perry’s record reveals support for a merger of the US and Mexico, we know he’s not a true conservative. Wow!
Many people are beginning to questions your loyalties, sir.  As a Marine Corps aviator, intel officer and long-time Republican activist, let me suggest you have  risked your reputation on a very bad wager.  Using the smear tactics that were common swill for Main Stream- Fascist Media who branded us paleo-cons as right-wing zealots, as Gold Bugs, and America First-ers  for defending the Constitutional principles over the decades — is that now your game? 
Regardless of the outcome in Texas, I believe your popularity with the patriotic grassroots of America has passed its peak. It’s already showing in the blogosphere. Your goose is soon getting cooked, and many in the 9-12 movement will be turning on you for being a hypocrite, Mr. Beck. And soon enough, lest ye repent, you will be a stale piece of TEXAS TOAST.
Hope it was worth it. Some day you may have to answer your own children and explain why their father was on the wrong side of history. Let’s see if you can muster the courage before it’s too late.  Will you be exposed as the Dan Rather at FoxTV? Or does your perch at Fox News mean more than your honor, Mr. Beck?
Semper Fi,
P.S.   Remember Braveheart (William Wallace) who was betrayed once by Robert the Bruce, and again by his diseased patrician advisor?  Perhaps you can rise to the occasion in your moment of truth.  Some of us will be praying for you.  I believe — with God’s help– that you can do it.

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