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the Strategic R3VOLution- Moving Beyond 2012

July 19, 2012

Image  WHOSE Land Is It, Really ?

This month marks the 100th birthday — the centennial celebration of a great American soul who was born right here in these Oklahoma hills where i too was born ~ where the wind indeed does sweep across the fruited plain. While most conservatives write off Woodrow Wilson Guthrie as a socialist commie pinko, the poet was sent to be the conscience of the times.

Where the evils of central banking spelled disaster for the common man, Guthrie expressed his pain. He connected. Woody contended with the reality that robbed a once free people of their liberties. Whether you call it Communism, Socialism or Fascism, one thing rang true.  Woody was on the side of We the People.  He knew his purpose — it was spelled out, it rang out, on the musical weapon that he wielded — “This Machine Kills Fascists”

A true American was Woody Guthrie, a populist and poet.

SO Who Owns Your LAND?   Mortgage Debacle and the Rise of America’s New Landlord:  Wells Fargo

Earlier this year, 49 state Attorneys General signed agreements with the big banks  (key shareholders of the FED)  to end their liability in state courts for  mortgage fraud en masse.   Oklahoma worked a different deal to relieve the Banksters of facing endless criminal lawsuits for bundling of hundreds of billions of fraudulent loans and selling the trash to unsuspecting investors.

The role of Wells Fargo– chief processor and global gatekeeper of the Worshipful Company of Bankers, City of London, Inc.

The economic crises looming over American cities and families today is no less a creature of the Crown Agents behind central banking and global wars of aggression than in the 1930s and 40s. National afflictions like Barak Obama (aka  Barry Soetero) reflect the confusion of modern America.  A complex set of socio-political evils are amplified by our fractured moral foundation.  And the cultural schizophrenia of this age of lost virtue arises from the secularization of public institutions and the infiltration of foreign/demonic elements into the Reformed church several generations ago.       (This infiltration will be discussed in several future Blog entries ) Parallel the times

What would it take a for a friend, associate or family member to wake up to the REALITY that so often seems impossible to describe?  Whether it’s a personal issue, a scheduling demand or the latest disinformation spread by an extensive PsyOp that some call the Corporate Mainstream Media—  WHY  does communication seem so difficult ?

Why is it so hard for people to identify the problem? Most often, it’s a simple function of personality and paradigms. Generational differences, access to real education, and ultimately a clash of two kingdoms in which value systems are diametrically opposed– these factors produce a volatile world reeling toward destruction even as prophesied by the apostles who walked with and learned from the Master who fashioned Creation and entrusted it to mankind for our benefit and dominion. Desired agreement for action ?  Most of all, it’s a lack of love that keeps us from listening, from understanding another’s pain and confusion. “Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood”  – It’s the first rule of pubic dicourse  — a secret to getting along wth people   another said “Seek first the kingdom of God ”  — why is this proclamation so freely dismissed by New World Order (NWO)  operatives and willing dupes? – the Prince of the Power of the Air —

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