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Rolling-Right-Turn Accidents Rarer Than Lightning Strikes, Yet Los Angeles Drivers Rack Up Tickets

March 26, 2011

Rolling-Right-Turn Accidents Rarer Than Lightning Strikes, Yet Los Angeles Drivers Rack Up Tickets.

Oklahoma legislators are being wined and dined by Red Light Camera hucksters who pitch the idea of raising revenue from traffic fines on motorists– not for safety violations but for common sense. put the odds of an accident caused by a rolling right turn in even more dramatic terms: “A review of US Department of Transportation statistics shows that an average motorist could drive a billion miles — the distance from Earth to Jupiter and back — before being involved in an accident that resulted from a motorist making a rolling stop on a right-hand turn.”


Freedom via Afghanistan? GOP Chairman Steele takes Heat

July 4, 2010

ONCE AGAIN,  “It’s 1-2-3-4… WHAT Are We Fighting For?”

FINALLY, a bit of sanity issues from the Republican National Committee as Chairman Michael Steele blasts Obama’s escalation of the war and American deaths in Afghanistan.


Regarding U.S.  role  in Middle East,  Steele apparently said ” that we would be in the background, sort of shaping the changes that were necessary in Afghanistan as opposed to directly engaging troops,” Steele continued. “But it was the president who was trying to be cute by half by flipping a script demonizing Iraq, while saying the battle really should be in Afghanistan. Well, if he’s such a student of history, has he not understood that you know that’s the one thing you don’t do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan? All right, because everyone who has tried, over a thousand years of history, has failed. And there are reasons for that. There are other ways to engage in Afghanistan.”

While Steele fails to ask the most fundamental questions, at least he points out the futility of exhausting our military and national resources over there. Anyone who desires to explore the debate, need only search a  “Just War” dialogue on Google to find a reasonable case against American military involvement. Distinctions must be made between Jihad and domestic terrorist threats. The cost of security must be balanced against the loss of Freedom. If Believers are serious about opposing Islam, we should consider the strategies that underlie the gospel.   Wisdom would show a better way that allows Israel to defend herself with God’s help. America’s State Department controlled by Globalists is a poor substitute.

Here is a clear signal for advocates of The Teaparty to advance the argument that freedom does not equate with endless land wars, especially in remote places.  And where is the Left on this?  Notice the silence from the the Lamestream Media?


To illustrate my point-  in view of  the national debt, and a 9-year war of negative value for the American people, consider this bit of spiked news information from an interview of a former American ally who was murdered in the heart of the war zone:

“Just in case you missed this: In a November 2, 2007 interview with Al-Jazeera TV, Bhutto spoke English and told correspondent David Frost that Osama bin Laden was dead and the person who killed him was Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh. Omar Sheikh is one of the persons convicted for the kidnapping and killing of American journalist Daniel Pearl. Bhutto was assassinated less than two months after this interview.”  (this item from Pat Buchanan’s blog)

Did the media report this at all?  Where is the pro-war, Neo-Con network Fox on this? Suspiciously silent. For those who might desire some real balance to the Neo-Con worldview of the globalist Fox-trotters, try exploring the wealth of information posted on a true conservative’s Blog.

Here we find a fresh, invigorating perspective with decades of seasoned geo-political experience in comparison to the stale, monolithic dogma of “conservative” hucksters like Hannity and the Corporate Media.


While the people of Israel deserve our prayers and support, their government is no less subject to corruption than any other state.
In 1967, Israel viciously attacked America in the Mediterranean Sea, yet our history books fail to record it. See details here and search Google for more on the matter.

Oklahoma Motorists: Beware Insurance Bill

March 18, 2010

After considering the threat posed by another layer of monitoring, and surveillance as traffic cameras come on line, Oklahomans would do well to contact their state senators to KILL this BILL.  Sen. John Ford- 405-521-5634

OPEN LETTER from Alex Schuttenberg to GOP leaders and voters:

I need your help to kill a bill introduced by our own Steve Martin, whom I have supported and would count as a friend.  But this bill is terrible.  And it gets worse when you actually read it, as I have.

It’s House Bill 2331, ostensibly to get people without insurance off the road, and it will do some of that.  But it will sweep up a lot of us who really are insured as well, and subject us to much hassle, having our car seized, towed, impounded, possibly our driver’s licenses seized, fines and/or jail time.  And all because it elevates a “new” on-line insurance verification system into some god-like creature which alone determines if your insurance is “valid and current”.

I’ll let the proposed law speak for itself:

Section 1, paragraph 9:  Any law enforcement officer, to establish compliance with the Compulsory Insurance Law:
a.  during a traffic stop or accident investigation, shall access information from the online verification system to verify the current validity of the policy described on a security verification form produced by the operator of each motor vehicle during the traffic stop or accident investigation or
b.  at any other time, may access information from the online verification system and, if compliance is not confirmed, stop the operator of the motor vehicle and verify the current validity of the policy described on a security verification form produced by the operator.  If compliance is not confirmed for the policy described on the security verification form producedor if no security verification form is produced, the officer shall issue a citation to the operator for failure to comply with the Compulsory Insurance Law.”

Got it so far?  If for some reason you are stopped and if you don’t have your security verification form.  Or you do have the form, the officer checks in the verification system and for some reason you’re not there.  Either way you’re given a ticket for “failing to comply”.  Then look what happens.

Section 4, amendatory, paragraph A1:  An owner or operator who fails to comply with the Compulsory Insurance Law, or who fails to produce for inspection a valid and current security verification form or equivalent form…. shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be subject to a fine of not more than $250 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days, or by both ….. and shall be subject to suspension of the driving privilege …… Upon issuing a citation under this paragraph, the law enforcement officer issuing the citation shall seize the vehicle being operated by the person and shall cause the vehicle to be towed and stored …… if the officer has probably cause to believe that the vehicle is not insured as required…”

OK.  So you get stopped, and even if you have a valid insurance form, if the officer checks it and IT’S NOT IN THE SYSTEM through no fault of your own, you get ticketed, your car gets towed and impounded, and you’ll have to go to court to prevent a fine/jail time and losing your license, EVEN THOUGH THE FAULT IS IN THE VERIFICATION SYSTEM.  Because that’s what the officer has to go on, the verification system.  And it’s “probable cause” if you’re not in the system.

You see, the form you carry isn’t finally all that you need.  All that matters is this god-like system.  But surely, you say, the system is really really accurate.  No, actually an Insurance Council study in 2008 showed it to be 60% accurate.  Steve has been told 90% and that’s the number he gives out.  But it’s a snapshot.  Entries come and go as people’s insurance is renewed and people change companies.  But surely there is some requirement in the bill, some way of ensuring the system is 99+% accurate, or surely there is some report that has to be given to the legislature ….. etc.  Nope.  But surely, from the standpoint of a citizen there is some way for me to check whether I am in the system?  The bill addresses that too:

Section 1, amendatory, A2:  “The verification system shall be accessible …. by authorized personnel of the Department, the Tax Commission, the courts, law enforcement personnel…..”

In other words, only the authorities get to see what’s in this.  As for the common people:

A8:   “Information contained in the verification system shall not be considered a public record.”

So there.  And if you go to court to plead that you actually have insurance, then:

Section 4, 2C:  “… if proof of security verification is presented to the court by the assigned court appearance date, the court shall access information from the online verification system, and if compliance is confirmed, the charge shall be dismissed …….”

In other words if by some mistake you are not in the system so you have to go to court to show you have insurance, then the court will access the system to verify that you have insurance.  Anybody else see the flaw in this logic?

As a final insult the act provides that you can’t go to court to address the injustice of whatever is produced by this bill, as long as everybody acts in “good faith”, and regardless of the accuracy of the system or any failure to maintain it beyond its 60 accuracy or 90% or whatever it is.  My guess is you won’t even get your towing and storage charges back after the state has taken your vehicle.

But competence is a big concern.

For almost 20 years I had paid child support through DHS (no, I’m not a deadbeat dad – assignment to DHS is automatic).  And because in compliance with the order I paid different amounts in the summer versus the rest of the year, the DHS accounting system couldn’t keep up (even though it supposedly was “computerized”), and so every year I would get a notice from DHS telling me I was in arrears and threatening to seize my tax refund (which they did, once) and report me to the credit bureau (which I don’t know if they did).  And then I would have to deal with the Osage County sheriff’s department to prove I wasn’t in arrears, because DHS was too busy to do it themselves.  And the sheriff’s department was actually OK to work with, other than the fact that they go so overburdened with phone calls because of all the incompetence in DHS that you could no longer go to them directly.  So you had to call some state worker in OKC who would have neither the
information nor the authority to deal with DHS errors, but who could take your phone number so that your sheriff’s department case worker could call you later.  And of course the sheriff’s department had no authority or ability to correct any DHS errors, even if they had wanted to.  Anyway, and throughout those 20 years DHS never did correct their bookkeeping errors (imagine, if you will, your credit card company keeping 20 years of errors on your account).  Once I even had to go to court to prove my innocence and the case worker from the sheriff’s office and I showed the judge all the DHS errors and I pleaded with him to take some action that would force them to correct them …… but, to no avail.  Finally, sweet relief, my kids turned 18.  The lesson I learned is that once the state has in its hands on a god-like verification system, it won’t matter how much it’s in error.  They won’t fix it.  Believe me.  I’ve been there.

And here it comes again, courtesy of Steve Martin’s bill.

Yes, I’ve talked to Steve.  Part of it was that we just disagreed, and as he said the bill has already passed the House with a large majority.  I told him a large part of my concern was accountability of the state for what they have to do (and told him my DHS experience).  He related that he hadn’t seen a bill that contained such a clause and wouldn’t know what it looked like, and if it was included it would probably kill the bill (am I the only one who wants government to be as accountable as what they demand of us, or is that an outmoded concept?).  And partly I got the impression that everything would be relatively all right if you actually had insurance, an impression that was dispelled when I got a chance to actually read the bill, which by the way is at

Please, write letters, talk to people.  Stop this monster.  I’ve seen it.  I promise you, once it gets unleashed, you won’t like it a bit.

Alex Schuettenberg

Great letter, Alex.  In addition to contacting our senators,  joining a fighting organization like the National Motorists Assoc., a traffic justice and citizen’s rights group, would serve the cause of freedom well.  Go to

Learn more and see how you can get your speeding ticket paid by standing up to unreasonable enforcement tactics.

Can Glen Beck Escape Corporate Media?

March 13, 2010

Dear Glenn-
Could you help me understand what was the real reason for your smear attempt on Debra Medina, the conservative challenger to globalist Governor Perry, especially from such a prejudicial viewpoint? Are the Texan patriots and grassroot rebels such a huge threat to the elite masters of the corporate-media complex?
I thought you could be trusted to demand accountability from the Washington establishment, Mr. Beck.
It must feel really weird to pursue contradictory positions on Constitutional rights, justice for We the People, and demanding federal accountability to the rule of law from the corrupt bureaucratic Leviathan, and then turn around and dismiss any challenge to that vast web of international pork-meisters & bureaucrats for oversights or possible 9/11 moles in various agencies entrusted with our protection.
You know that federal agencies and policies were influenced by the Reds from the 20s through the 60s, right?  For some 50 years, right? And we know that FDR’s administration virtually opened the back door for a Jap attack on Pearl Harbor to get us into that war, right?   (Some of our finest generals and historians have exposed that piece of history and much more.)  
SO, in the aftermath of the worst domestic attack in over 100 years, how can you attack conservative Americans for keeping an opened mind on the inside work of an enemy? You are pressing for a very rigid orthodoxy, Mr Beck. Why?  If a conservative disagrees with your orthodoxy, he gets lambasted by you for asking a few tough-minded questions.  How come you are turning to Jello on an issue that calls for integrity of the highest order?
Did you get some friendly “guidance” from your paymasters at Clear Channel Radio and Fox News ? Here’s a plausible reason that you might have been so dogged and determined to press Debra Medina for some kind of 9/11 confession:
“Clear Channel CEO and Chairman Lowry Mays has donated almost $300,000 to Governor Perry over the last 10 years. Beck is paid $10 million by a Clear Channel subsidiary for his radio show .”  ( )  Clear enough?  The truth is getting out.  You must have some kind of career stake in theTexas primary tomorrow.  Since Governor Perry’s record reveals support for a merger of the US and Mexico, we know he’s not a true conservative. Wow!
Many people are beginning to questions your loyalties, sir.  As a Marine Corps aviator, intel officer and long-time Republican activist, let me suggest you have  risked your reputation on a very bad wager.  Using the smear tactics that were common swill for Main Stream- Fascist Media who branded us paleo-cons as right-wing zealots, as Gold Bugs, and America First-ers  for defending the Constitutional principles over the decades — is that now your game? 
Regardless of the outcome in Texas, I believe your popularity with the patriotic grassroots of America has passed its peak. It’s already showing in the blogosphere. Your goose is soon getting cooked, and many in the 9-12 movement will be turning on you for being a hypocrite, Mr. Beck. And soon enough, lest ye repent, you will be a stale piece of TEXAS TOAST.
Hope it was worth it. Some day you may have to answer your own children and explain why their father was on the wrong side of history. Let’s see if you can muster the courage before it’s too late.  Will you be exposed as the Dan Rather at FoxTV? Or does your perch at Fox News mean more than your honor, Mr. Beck?
Semper Fi,
P.S.   Remember Braveheart (William Wallace) who was betrayed once by Robert the Bruce, and again by his diseased patrician advisor?  Perhaps you can rise to the occasion in your moment of truth.  Some of us will be praying for you.  I believe — with God’s help– that you can do it.

Driving for Freedom

July 8, 2009

Among the various rights that we enjoy as Americans, few could be considered more essential than the right to travel.  And like every essential right that you or I might take for granted, the Freedom to travel suffers from an intensifying assault by the Powers that Be, the globalist Elite powers who dominate the Wall Street / D.C. axis, and the corporate media complex that shapes our so-called public opinion.

Do Americans realize how their unalienable Rights are being traded away? As politicians promise security in exchange for freedom, while stuffing wads of corporate cash into their pockets?  Do your neighbors understand the threat posed by escalating security measures, by a Federal ID mandate with bio-metrics, and abuse of information technologies?  By environmental regulations, a carbon emissions tax and the global warming hoax?

This blog offers the average motorist and taxpayer some basic information on the emerging threats to liberty, and suggests a few possibilities for effective resistance.  


The crisis facing us Americans who treasure independence demands immediate attention and personal sacrifice, if we hope to preserve a working foundation from which to recover the republican institutions of law and self-government.   And most importantly, in my opinion, self-government requires a spiritual renewal that brings the favor of Heaven and sustains a widespread move of power and redeeming love in a desperate world. 

The TeaParty movement has emerged as a popular vehicle  to express outrage against Congress and an unconstitutional federal bailout of the banking system.   If the energy and momentum can be channeled into effective action at the state level, if bold leadership finds the necessary grassroots support, middle America will rise to the challenge and turn the tide against the tyranny that a moral decline always invites.  Currently, this What if Americans knew about another 

Comments and suggestions for action will bring  more,   Without decisive order and response  .   In conjunction with other Freedom-focused  may serve as and perhaps a long-term can serve each as a primary resource to rally and promote the need to protect the American “Right to Travel” and our Driving Freedoms— even more, this Blog can elevate grassroots action to a new level by promoting the National Motorists Association with a special alliance.  Look for an update describing a strategic resource and an innovative development program soon.   With continuing federal measures and mischief, and  corporate fascist efforts to regulate travel and invade our privacy looming over the states, Americans must respond in force now.  Biometric ID poses a major, immediate threat to our country.  So, if freedom mattters to you, visit to appreciate a true citizens’ advocacy group… and consider joining a force for good.

Preparing for Growth – Entrepreneurial Engagement

Effective grassroots action requires an arsenal of modern weapons and skills, for organizational growth and financing to deliver mortal blows against our adversaries.  I believe NMA is positioned for some vital battles, but must expand rapidly to win.  How can this be done?  What could offer an engaging pathway to growth?   Automotive technology and a free-market business opportunity can open up economic channels for education on key challenges that Americans are facing.   When we serve our neighbors by sharing real solutions from a breakthrough automotive technology, we can  lay the foundation for other issues that concern the driving public.  

Bitron Technology Builds Relationships, Preserves Engines

The current recession will soon bloom into full-blown depression.  Many people are looking for economic solutions. Like a general delights in a new weapon system, so will market-motivated and technology-oriented activists appreciate this engineering marvel of ingenuity.  For some, it may also become a financial weapon of devastating power.  The option to use a “laptop” business with Bitron to promote and protect such a vital freedom in a time like this offers a rare opportunity.  We have a proven, money-saving solution in a moment of  impending demand to cut costs.  A paradigm shift is happening now.  In the same way that digital recording replaced analog technology, so is Bitron’s next-generation metal treatment transforming  a critical aspect of the automotive and manufacturing industries.   Bitron saves fuel and reduces emissions dramatically.

For in-depth look, please visit,  or simply Google two (2) words [ Bitron test] , to see the amazing solution that Bitron N.A. (North America ) offers the driving public.  It’s a military-grade technology originally engineered to preserve aircraft engines during sub-zero aviation operations.  Anyone desiring to extend engine life, minimize repairs and enhance performance will find that Bitron’s performance far exceeds that of routine additives found on automotive store shelves. This is a genuine paradigm shift in both combustion and lubrication. 


Personal and Driving Freedom advances into a new dimension for We the People, as more friends and neighbors rediscover their unalienable rights and the means to defend them.  Our right to travel is not a privilege granted by the state, and yet the price of liberty– Eternal Vigilance- remains to be paid.   Faithful actions promise to roll back the globalist agenda of corporate profiteers and institutional elitists.  Those who would oppress the common hopes of the resurgent freedom movement and various local and state-based alliances and networks will be disappointed, as long as our ranks expand and move in unity to seize the opportunity at hand. May you find renewed confidence in the blessings of Divine Provision and true knowledge of the One who gives so freely.

Let the winds of Life & Liberty sweep across the fruited plains!

Semper Fidelis — rjb